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While The Archives is best known for our top-quality photographic prints, we got our start creating books. The very first product we introduced was Milton’s Marilyn in 1996. It was the first time many of the never-before-seen images of Marilyn Monroe were made available to her adoring fans around the world. The book had three printings and sold over 60,000 copies worldwide. The book tells the personal story from the eyes of the Greene family and their four-year involvement with Marilyn and the creation of Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. Milton’s Marilyn is also available in a limited-edition box set that includes an exquisite black and white print from the infamous “Black Sitting.”

Also available are My Story and But That’s Another Story. My Story is taken directly from a series on interviews in 1953 between Marilyn, Milton H. Greene and screenwriter, Ben Hecht, featuring dozens of fully-restored photographs of Marilyn. But That’s Another Story reproduces, in their original clarity and integrity, pictures that have been largely unavailable since Greene’s death in 1985. Organized thematically, it features both the widely-published fashion and celebrity series (including the American Airlines campaign Greene shot in the 1950s) and many intimate backstage candids.