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The Essential Marilyn Collection

No other photographer so captured and polished the image of Marilyn Monroe than Milton H. Greene. Photographer, best friend, confidant and image-maker, Greene photographed Marilyn Monroe during an astonishing 50 sessions; on location, in the studio, at home and in private, even recording her wedding to Arthur Miller.

Now, Greene’s son, Joshua, presents The Essential Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Greene. A book that has been more than twenty years in the making, Joshua has painstakingly restored his father’s immense archive and has personally selected 284 images, including 176 that have never been published to product this magnificent book. Of the unpublished images, we introduce the Essential Marilyn Collection as limited edition, archival fine art prints. Three sizes (small, medium, exhibition) are available with a total of 15 prints of the small size, 20 prints in the medium size and 7 in the exhibition size.