Marilyn Monroe Being Playful In A Red Sweater Sitting (R-06)

Marilyn Monroe Allure Collection Art Prints
Milton H. Greene
  • In "The Red Sweater Sitting," Marilyn Monroe animates a couple of sweaters that Milton's wife Amy chose for her at a local boutique. Milton photographed Marilyn in the studio attached to his converted Connecticut barn in February of 1955. This image of Marilyn finding a different way to wear a sweater graces the cover of the second release of The Archives' best-selling book _Milton's Marilyn_. 

Milton loved working with sweaters, he often brought them with him to the sittings. His theory was: when you take away the fancy dress or perfect suit and put the subject in a sweater, then any resistance would vanish. This allowed him to could get down to the essence of his subject. In a way, it made Milton's job easier.Pin_it_button