Marilyn Monroe- New York City (Candid Movie)

Marilyn Monroe in NYC
Peter Mangone
  • In 1955, outside of the Gladstone Hotel on East 52nd Street, Peter Mangone shot a nearly six-minute 8mm film of Marilyn Monroe. Mangone (who was 14 at the time) followed Monroe, her business partner Milton H. Greene and fashion designer George Nardiello capturing their afternoon. The film was lost until its recovery in 2002 and found to be in mint condition. As a preservation effort, The Archives painstakingly scanned each frame and began experimenting with printing stills from the film. Over a nine year period, The Archives worked on the restoration and perfecting the process of printing frames. The result debuted in January 2013 in the exhibition _Marilyn Monroe (New York, 1955): The Lost Film of Peter Mangone_ at Danziger Gallery, NYC. The Archives later released this series of limited edition prints.Pin_it_button