Marilyn Monroe – Mandolin Sitting (MN-07)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • Milton and Marilyn's first sitting together was in Los Angeles for _Look_ magazine in September of 1953. This extraordinary picture which was (first published in _Milton's Marilyn_) poses Marilyn with a mandolin, vibrantly colored boas and flowers.One of several sittings they created that first meeting (Tree, Mandolin, Nude, Rock, and some candid images). 

Marilyn was surprised when 'Color Photography's Wonder Boy' appeared instead of this grand vision she had of this famous photographer. She commented, "Why you’re just a boy?" 

To which Milton replied with a smile, "And you’re just a girl." 

It was at that moment their bond and everlasting friendship was born.This photograph, a result of their first work together, reveals and captures Marilyn’s innocence, which has drawn all of us for generations.

Cradling the mandolin in her arms, Marilyn poses for Milton in their first sitting together.Pin_it_button