Elizabeth Taylor in Black Fur (ET-3053-132)

Grummans Edition
Gary Bernstein
  • Photographed by Gary Berstein in his Culver City Studio, this photograph of the stunning Elizabeth Taylor is from what Elizabeth and Gary called _The Black Fur Session_. It is one of 4 different wardrobe changes produced during the course of a single day's work for a variety of magazine covers. 

Elizabeth is seated on an adjustable, hydraulic stool, leaning on a white adjustable posing table. She is illuminated with a single electronic flash unit placed above and slightly to the right of the camera's lens with a small silver reflector placed just out of camera range below the frame. The background (illuminated with two more lights) is the white coved wall of Gary's studio, 20 feet behind Elizabeth. The image was photographed with a Hasselblad el/m camera with a 150mm f/4.0 Zeiss Sonnar lens using Kodak Ektachrome 6x6 color positive film. The image captures the intensity and depth of the persona that is Elizabeth Taylor.Pin_it_button