Joan Collins in Glowing Black and White (JCO-5423-14)

Grummans Edition
Gary Bernstein
  • The legendary status of Joan Collins was secured by her portrayal of Alexis Carrington on Television's _Dynasty_, which was the number one program in America by 1985. Gary Bernstein had been retained by ABC to design and photograph many of the marketing campaigns for _Dynasty_. From that time on, Gary photographed Joan for countless magazine editorials and advertising campaigns. Gary also photographed Joan for 4 of her book covers. 

This particular image was shot for the cover of her second novel, _Love and Desire and Hate_. The image was made in Gary's Culver City studio. Gary illuminated Joan's classic features with a single focused spot light that allowed her face to
be accented by a hot, hard light that fell off to gray tones in the rest of the composition. The background is a black and white painted muslin fabric. The turban and long gloves were Joan's idea. They frame this portrait of a very beautiful and classic Joan Collins. The image was made with a Nikon F3 affixed with a 105mm f/2.5 Auto-Nikkor lens using Kodak Plus-X 35mm black and white negative film.Pin_it_button