Joan Collins Gets Psychedelic (JCO-ART-01)

Grummans Edition
Gary Bernstein
  • The legendary status of classically beautiful Joan Collins was secured by her portrayal of Alexis Carrington on Television's _Dynasty_, which was the number one program in America by 1985. Gary Bernstein had been retained by ABC to design and photograph many of the marketing campaigns for _Dynasty_. From that time on, Gary photographed Joan for countless magazine editorials and advertising campaigns. Gary also photographed Joan for four of her book covers. 

This particular image is an outtake from the cover session of her second novel, _Love and Desire and Hate_. At the time, Gary had a contract with Polaroid Corporation who had supplied him with an 8 x 10 inch Polaroid printer. This special image is a Polaroid Transfer (a means of transferring the pigment of the print to a substrate via roller). Gary added enhancements to the image using brushes to add both water color and acrylic paints as the print was drying. The result is a mixed-medium rendition that is both painted and photographic and bears Gary's hand inscription "Joan Collins" at the top of composition.Pin_it_button