Don’t Fence Me In (PST-006)

Grummans Edition
Gary Bernstein
  • Gary Bernstein graduated from Penn State University in June of 1971 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He had been a photo-hobbyist from a very young age, starting to make images with his parent's classic Kodak Box Brownie camera. It was on the Penn State campus that Gary began to hone his photographic skills and started shooting professionally while still an undergraduate. In 2013, Gary was asked to lecture via Skype to the photography classes at his alma mater, Penn State's College of Arts and Architecture. This culminated with a live lecture he gave at The Palmer Museum on the Penn State campus in December of 2013.

Many of Gary's earliest published works were photojournalistic in nature. The lush surroundings outside of Penn State in Centre County, Pennsylvania were also ideal for capturing nature, as evidenced in this photograph made during the winter of 1967. It was captured with a Minolta SRT-101 affixed with a 55mm f/1.7 Nikkor lens on Kodak Plus-X 35mm black and white negative film. The image was converted to sepia by The Archives for this Limited Edition.Pin_it_button