Sophia Loren in Leopard Print (SL-01)

Grummans Edition
Gary Bernstein
  • In a 1990 television interview Gary Bernstein was asked if there were any celebrities that he wanted to photograph who had yet to come before his camera. His answer was Sophia Loren. That goal was realized in January of 1994, when noted celebrity fashion designer Nolan Miller (and designer for Sophia Loren) called Gary telling him that there was a woman in his studio who wanted to speak with him. Sophia got on the phone, and they scheduled an impromptu photo session a few days later at Gary's Culver City Studio. This is one of the images produced during that 6-hour session with Italy's greatest import: two-time Academy Award Winner Sophia Loren. 

Gary always keeps remnant fabrics around the studio to be used as backgrounds, one of which was a leopard print. Gary suggested using the fabric as the background for a shot. Sophia liked the idea, and tore off a strip of the fabric from the bottom of the bolt, and fashioned the wrap dress she is wearing in the photograph. Using one pan light as Sophia sat on a bentwood studio chair, the photograph was made with a Nikon F3 affixed with a 55mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor lens on Kodak Plus-X 35mm black and white negative film. It has been converted to sepia by The Archives for this Limited Edition.Pin_it_button