Milton’s Marilyn My Story Combo

Milton H. Greene
  • Milton’s Marilyn
In 1996 we launched our first book, Milton’s Marilyn. It was the first time many of the never-before-seen images of Marilyn where made available. The book had three printings and sold over 60,000 copies worldwide. The book tells the personal story from the eyes of the Greene family and their four-year involvement with Marilyn and the creation of Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. Written by James Kotsilibas-Davis and directed by Milton’s son, Joshua Greene, the book also contains 214 images digitally re-mastered by The Archives.

My Story
Marilyn Monroe, Milton H. Greene and Ben Hecht (a screenwriter of the day) spent a few days together at Joseph Schenck’s home in Los Angeles in 1953. The outcome was a series of wonderful candid photographs by Milton of Marilyn. While the three of them spent their time together, Ben interviewed Marilyn and got her to tell her life story. My Story is Marilyn’s autobiography penned by Ben Hecht, based on stories told to him by Marilyn over a period of several days. Joshua Greene writes the forward. This is the first fully illustrated version of “My Story” ever.Pin_it_button