Marilyn Monroe – Lincoln (L-16)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • On a Los Angeles street in 1954, Milton took this image of Marilyn in a red checkered shirt posing in a brand new Cadillac holding a portrait of one of her heroes, Abraham Lincoln. The car was given to her by Jack Benny for appearing on his television show and it took only a phonecall by Benny to the Cadillac Corporation, one of his sponsors.One sunny day Marilyn asked Amy Greene, Milton's wife to go for a drive in her Cadillac. Being too cold, Amy refused and Marilyn excitedly showed off a trick she had learned. Just turn on the heat! Marilyn exclaimed to which Amy replied, Brilliant! Another image from this sitting was digitally restored and introduced in 2000 as part of the Limited Edition Portraits of an Era collection, which was in honor of Marilyn's anniversary.Pin_it_button