Marilyn Monroe – Peasant Sitting (P-12)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • This image was done on the French village set used for "What Price Glory", and combined with the costume, gave Monroe the appearance of a wistful peasant. Milton, inspired by the screenplay "The Brothers Karamazov", believed in Marilyn's ability to be a dramatic actress and to prove it to her, photographed her in the costume that Jennifer Jones wore in her Oscar performance, "Song of Bernadette". Many Sundays were spent playing dress up on the backlots of 20th Century Fox. Such costumes as a gypsy palm reader, to the "Song of Bernadette" clothes, to a hooker. Marilyn loved the costume department and knew every inch, every closet. Marilyn loved the mustiness smell and the dust, it was her buffer against the reality of the world. She knew who wore what in what movie and friends in the costume department would set her up in great wardrobes anytime she needed something to wear for a special event or big deal.Pin_it_button