Marilyn Monroe – Ballerina Sitting (B-20)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • The "Ballerina" series is one of Milton & Marilyn's most recognized collaborations and was created in October of 1954 at the New York studio. Clothing Designer Anne Klein sent various outfits to Milton's studio for Marilyn to wear, however all the outfits were 2 sizes too small. All of the poses in this sitting amusingly deal with Marilyn's problem of holding up the ill-fitting toule and satin dress. Marilyn was in New York for the opening of the 'Seven Year Itch.' Evoking both the demure child and the voluptuous siren, this image captures the look that defined Marilyn's appeal and made her a legend.This image was chosen as one of Time-Life's 3 most popular images of the 20th Century along with Albert Einstein (photographer Phillipe Halsman) and Winston Churchill (photographer Yousuf Karsh). This image is part of the elite First Portfolio Limited Edition collection.Pin_it_button