Marilyn Monroe – Circus Sitting (CS-096)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • A fund-raiser held for the Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation at the old Madison Square Garden was the event that re-introduced Marilyn to the world after a year in hiding. It was the ‘Show Of Shows’, a circus with Milton Berle (Uncle Miltie) as the ringmaster. 

Milton and Marilyn, inspired and excited by the whole idea, decided to use the evening’s festivities to make the formal announcement of Marilyn Monroe Productions to the world. It was Marilyn’s idea to ride a pink female elephant, complete with a pink bow on the tail, as well as a matching rhinestone harness and saddle. Her entrance and reappearance to the world on March 30 was pandemonium and caused a media frenzy, and the rest is history.