Marilyn Monroe – Negligee Sitting (ED-118)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • In the second ensemble from their first collaboration, Marilyn is wearing a negligee adorned with fur and a diamond bracelet. Because of her sprained ankle, most of the pictures that they did together over those three days had Marilyn sitting, kneeling or lying on the floor.

In the 1950s, when sending color and black-and-white film to be processed, it could take 24 hours to get the film back. At times, Milton would use his 35mm Nikon to capture impromptu candids for a more personal feel. Being impatient, Milton would process the 35mm film himself in the bathroom. However, in this case, he made a mistake with the temperature and underdeveloped the film. The four images on pages 26-29 and 34-35 were from that underdeveloped roll; they are more personal and natural, even though the quality has been compromised.