Marilyn Monroe – Monroe & Murrow (EM-65)

The Essential Marilyn Collection
Milton H. Greene
  • These images were taken when Marilyn and Milton first got together with Edward R. Murrow to discuss the forthcoming interview on Murrow’s show, Person to Person. The pre-meetings were held April 1, 1955 at the Ambassador Hotel in New York City, where they discussed questions, substance and a brief outline. They were also introduced to the logistics and technology needed for the live, televised event. The interview itself was done as a live feed from Milton and Amy’s home in Weston, Connecticut. The week before, a CBS crew erected a 200-foot transmitting tower and wired the house for sound so that Murrow’s voice could be heard in the studio, kitchen and den. Those are the three rooms seen during the live broadcast. Amy remembers that during the week leading to the interview, Murrow would speak to her through the audio system, so she became accustomed and comfortable with the technology. Only days before, the formation of Marilyn Monroe Productions had been announced and the two shareholders were ready to move forward.Pin_it_button