Marilyn Monroe At The Waldorf Astoria Hotel (EM-65)

Marilyn Monroe Allure Collection Art Prints
Milton H. Greene
  • This image was taken when Marilyn Monroe and Milton H. Greene first got together with Edward R. Murrow to discuss their upcoming interview on Murrow's show _Person to Person_. This meeting was held April 1, 1955 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, but the interview itself was conducted a week later via live feed from Milton and Amy Greene's home in Weston, Connecticut where Marilyn was temporarily living. 

Only days before, the formation of Marilyn Monroe Productions had been announced, and the two shareholders were ready to move forward. The interview was unforgettable and Marilyn and Milton went on to produce _Bus Stop_ and _Prince and the Showgirl_ together.Pin_it_button